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Work without noise and dust

Stretch ceilings installation is very simple. First, around the room at a desired level (the gap between the core and decorative ceilings is usually from 0.5 to 10 cm) to walls attach special profile frame serving as a stretch ceiling. When drilling holes all the "waste product" sucked into a vacuum cleaner, which ensures the purity of the room. In places where supposed to be arranged spotlights mounted steel racks. The canvas is hung on the corners on special clips and it is heated with a heat gun. When it becomes pliable, its pull, locking in a baguette with special blades. Once all the edges of the canvas are tucked, and cools the indoor air, is compressed. And it turns out perfectly smooth ceiling.
Fixtures can be any, although their power imposes some restrictions: incandescent lamps - up to 60 W, halogen - 36 watts. Fixtures are attached to the main ceiling, and in the tension for them to make holes that are pasted on the perimeter of a special ring.
Many women who are in pursuit of the runaway youth, do a facelift. Stretch ceilings do not need a lift, they do not sag or wrinkle, aging decades along with you.