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Time is money

Besides those already mentioned qualities, stretch ceilings are good in ordering speede execution and ease of installation. Order is performed for 1-30 days. Such a large variation is caused, first of all, urgency, volumes and selected company. If the first two options is simple, in respect of the company that sets the ceiling, everything is more complicated. Almost every one company working in the Latvian market bought ceilings in France, which, of course, long time. Speed ​​up the process can contact the company with its own production capacity.
Compared with the time of delivery, installation time truly laughable. Almost regardless of the size of the room to the object gets only three masters. While pulling the ceiling, they do not pull the cat's tail, and mount any room for a couple of hours. Such as with a fabulous grandfathert hat: pull, pull, pull and can not pull, with them does not happen, all clearly as in military.