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Stretch ceilings in the swimming pool

If you built swimming pool in your house, or you decorate this kind of building in sport hall, finally you will thing about finishing. Everything is clear with the floor and walls – it is going to be quality ceramic tile. It is required by sanitary standards, because it doesn’t give possibility to bacteria reproduction. But what is about the ceiling? There is not possible to choose only beautiful design. Swimming pools are the space with always high dampness. Material must be steady to this influence. At the same time it should looks presentable. Stretch ceiling help to create the place of relaxation, where body will be caressed by clear water and deep colour of stretch ceiling will delight your eye. Of course, you will be interested in characteristics of this linen. Stretch ceilings absolutely satisfy all requirements to the rooms with swimming pools. They aren’t afraid dampness, don’t accumulate condensates and preserve their perfect decorative appearance for a long time. For swimming pool best colours are light blue or saturated blue. It looks like two elements unite in one, because of reflections, beside that rather important create atmosphere of absolute cleanness, freshness and hygiene. For this aims blue and green are the best colours. Mostly, there isn’t alternative in public places you should follow the sanitary code. Nevertheless if you do swimming pool in your own house you can experiment with colours using bright colours for stretch ceilings, for instance, pink. If we talk about shape of the ceiling, there is no doubt that flat stretch ceiling is the best variant instead of difficult construction. Reflections of zigzag lines look not so good in the swimming pool. To achieve integrity of the linen is not so difficult if your ceiling is done from the linens, that width is 1,5 – 2,5 metres. In any event stretch ceilings are the best variant from the contemporary decoration works.