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Let there be light

In one room we need several types of lightning. At the day time it is bright light, at the evening – semidarkness. That is why the light takes important place in the modern interior. Modern technology makes fool-blown light possible in every flat. Think about which places need the light. And don’t worry that after installation stretch ceiling there will hang the leads, everything will safely hide under the stretch ceiling. Living room might have different light decisions. The main light is better to do more brighter you need it when will have guests. With subdued light you can read or do handicraft. In the bed room the main light you will need near the wardrobe. On the other places you can put lamp brackets. It is not good idea to do the light very bright in the bed room. In the child’s room the light should be enough for different games, reading, and drawing. Table lamp is irreplaceable thing in this room. It should be situated on the left side. Over the wardrobe is a great idea to install built-in lamps. Near the bed you can put night lamp with subdued light. The kitchen should be the realm of pinpoint light. Additional lighting is needed cooker, sink and work table. The dinner table need soft light, in order that dinner time passes in comfortable atmosphere. Hanging lamp is good thing above the table. There is no natural light in the entrance hall that is why lamp should be with high-capacity. Wardrobe is better to buy with built-in lamps, without it will be difficult to find clothes. Also place the pinpoint light near the mirror. On our mood influence the light very much. Very bright light in the morning in the bed room irritate, if you can’t find something in the wardrobe you losing your good spirits. Choose the most comfortable variant of lightning for each room and interior will transformed.